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Hestia Debuts Unique “Nomadic” Artists’ Residency with Week of Music + Art + Lit, Culminating in a Stellar Evening Celebration in Starland March 3


SAVANNAH, Ga. - Hestia Artists’ Residency invited a writer from Oakland, a musician from Burlington, and a muralist from San Diego to collide in Savannah for eleven days of living and creating from three of our city’s most eclectic homeshares. From February 22nd – March 3rd, Hestia is hosting: workshops, readings, concerts, and a stellar evening celebration, “Ruckus & Revelry: Our First Fete,” on Saturday, March 3, from 8-11 p.m., at Starland’s newest venue (2201 Bull Street).

“Ruckus & Revelry” will feature:

  • Whimsical moss-and-botanical installations by Savannah-based artist Samantha Delaney

  • 3-minute “quick take” talks from our artists-in-residence (Celeste Byers, Meg Elison, and Alexandria Hall)

  • Interactive audience engagements and live performances from Savannah bands

  • Cuisine & cocktails from Black Sheep Provisions and Event Design by Kaufman-Heinz.

Hestia’s Savannah programming is presented with the generous financial support of Foram Group Charitable Foundation. In addition, the organization is proud to partner with community organizations: Art Rise, The Book Lady Bookstore, The Creative Coast at Bull Street Labs, Fox & Fig, the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace, Savannah State University, the Starland Dairy Project, and Sulfur Studios.

For more information and tickets to the final celebration ($10) please visit

At Hestia, we believe creative practice can happen anywhere, at any time, and chose Savannah to debut our traveling residency model as a “city that makes art possible.”


Hestia’s Writer-In-Residence & Lit Events

An Evening with Meg Elison,” a night of fantastical storytelling, will take place on Thursday, March 1st, 2018 from 6:30-8 p.m. at, and in partnership with, The Book Lady Bookstore (6 E. Liberty Street). Hestia writer-in-residence Meg Elison will be reading from recent work; a signature cocktail (aptly named the “Stay of Execution”) will be served.

Meg Elison (Oakland, Calif.) is a science fiction author and feminist essayist of “one of the most utterly absorbing books” Roxane Gay’s read “in a long time.” Her post-apocalyptic debut page-turner, The Book of the Unnamed Midwife, won the Phillip K. Dick Award. She’s since penned a sequel, The Book of Etta, and published in McSweeney’s, Fantasy & Science Fiction and Catapult, among other places.

Ellison will additionally offer a Writer’s Talk to students of Savannah State University on March 1, 2018 at Payne Hall. She will also be paired with local writer Sarah Domet for an afternoon “Lunch with a Local” (where our visiting residents sit down with a local artist in their field to discuss their work and their relationship to the creative process).

During Hestia’s residency, Ellison will be hosted in the heart of Starland by Homeshare Host: Melissa Vanderburg.

Hestia’s Musician-In-Residence & Music Events

Hestia’s musician-in-residence, Alexandria Hall, will deliver a First Friday Performance as “Beth Head” with musician Jeff Zagers on Friday, March 2, 2018 at 9 p.m. at, and in partnership, with Sulfur Studios (2301 Bull Street). Alexandria’s ethereal electronica and dream pop resound with quirky, beautifully composed synths. Savannah’s Jeff Zagers is an electro-acoustic multi-instrumentalist constructing heartfelt experimental pop.

Alexandria Hall (Brooklyn, N.Y.) is a poet, musician, and songwriter who records ethereal electronica and dream pop under the name Beth Head. She’s been compared to Glasser, toured with Grimes, and praised for her quirky and beautifully composed synths. Her former bands include Tooth Ache (Feeding Tube Records, Father/Daughter Records) and Kim Fog (NYC). She “blazed the trail” for female electronic artists in Vermont.

Alexandria will additionally offer a “Sound Language” workshop at the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace on Wednesday, February 28, 2018. She will also be paired with local musicians Laiken Love and Steven Baumgardner for an afternoon “Lunch with a Local.”

During Hestia’s residency, Alexandria will be hosted in a Thunderbolt treehouse by Homeshare Host: Chad Faries.

Hestia’s Artist-in-Residence & Public Art Events

Hestia muralist-in-residence Celeste Byers will host a “Public Mural Workshop” across Starland on Friday, March 2, 2018 at 1 p.m. The workshop will begin at Bull Street Labs with a presentation of Celeste’s previous mural projects, detailing her technical knowledge of mural materials and preparations, and instructions on applying for mural proposals. A walking tour of Starland to view neighborhood murals will follow. The workshop will conclude at the Starland Dairy Project with a hands-on activity, presented in partnership with Art Rise.

Celeste Byers (San Diego, Calif.) is an avid nature worshipper and enthusiast of the existential whose colorful work is inspired by the natural world and interdimensional realities. She’s painted murals in the United States, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Mexico, New Zealand, and Australia and worked as a freelance illustrator for outlets including The New York Times, Warner Bros, and Lucky Peach Magazine.

She will be paired with local multi-disciplinary artist Katherine Sandoz for an afternoon “Lunch with a Local.”

During Hestia’s residency, Celeste will be hosted on nature retreat adjacent to the Old Dairy by Homeshare Host: Margaret Emily Jones.


ABOUT HESTIA: Hestia is the world’s first nomadic artists’ residency. We provide artists from all disciplines with fellowships in homeshares across the US and Baja. Artists, transformed by travel, enjoy the time and freedom to explore new ideas. Hosts act as mentors, offering their homes to nurture creative risk-taking. Communities inspire and benefit from public engagements & collaboration. At Hestia, we light the path for: inspiration. Where does your inspiration live?

ABOUT OUR LEAD SPONSOR: Foram Group is a real-estate development company headquartered in Savannah, GA. Their community-centric projects are designed with creative place-making in mind. Ruckus & Revelry will be the debut of their newest space, located in the heart of the emerging Starland District.


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