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An effective public relations and marketing campaign is one of the wisest investments you can make. Essentially, our job is to tell your story in as many different ways and to as many different segments of the public as possible to ensure your brand and business owns the conversation when it comes to doing what you do best.

At The Ford Agency, our toolbox is diverse and full. It's just a matter of deciding which tools we need to get the job done most effectively!

  • Public Relations + Marketing Strategy
  • Collateral Creation
  • Business Development
  • Media Relations
  • Community Outreach + Key Connections
  • Public Speaking Opportunities
  • Copywriting + Publishing Opportunities
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Digital Media Management
  • Media Buys
  • Corporate Events
  • Crisis Communications

#Truth: it's no longer enough to sit back and hope that running your business with integrity will lead to inspirational growth. Even successful businesses can quickly be overcrowded by crafty competitors. Now's the time to tell your story and tell it well. Bringing together a broad and diverse background of experience, our leadership has worked across most all industries including tourism, hospitality, nonprofits, real estate and development, law, education, retail, restaurants, local government and municipalities, healthcare, logistics, banking and more.

Enjoy The Ford Agency’s current client storyboard below: